Sunday, August 3, 2008


Well it has been 3 months, but my dad and I finally started working on our new shed. So far we have the sides built, the floor, and the back almost built. Now all that is left is the roof and the two doors and we are done. Feels good to know it is almost done. haha. Oh, I almost forgot. I am learning how to speak Italian. I hope it works out. Italian seems pretty hard to learn, but it has to be easier than a little kid trying to learn English. English is a very complex language system. But I know I will be able to learn with a little practice.

Finchè c'è vita c'è speranza.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blink 182

I was listening to Blink 182's last album, and I was thinking about what the songs meant. I kind of got an idea of what the entire cd is about and what each song means individually and as a whole.

I got an idea that the entire cd was about a relationship.

In my mind it starts out with "Feeling This" which I think is about Sex and Relationship kind of ordeal. and then it cuts into "Obvious" which is about a girl cheating on her boyfriend and the boyfriend finding out and breaks up with her. As the third song comes in "I Miss You" it talks about how he misses her so much after the breakup that it is unbearable. And the fourth song "Violence" is about how she is getting abused and hurt, which then it cuts into a note read by Mark's grandma, which is a war letter sent to her before his grandpa died, and it cuts into "Stockholm Syndrome" which almost sounds like it is a song where she is running away faster and faster trying to break away from this mess she got into, and how it is almost like a chase scene. and when she finally gets away from it, it is like crashing and it enters into "Down" which is about feling down and depressed and worthless and enters into "Interlude" which is just a plea for someone to come and pick her up when she is falling. Then while she is going through that, the guy is in a situation with his mom and his mom's boyfriend who is beating her and he wants to leave but his mom can't. he wants to just get away from this place and never return. This starts into "Aesthenia" which is his plea for never returning to a place he ran away from. Kind of like running and never looking back. and that enters into "Always" which is his plea to the girl that he loves as how he will always be there for her. and then she returns his plea with "Easy Target" which is her playing a joke on her ex-boyfriend and how she doesnt want him back. and that leads to "All of This" which is about how he contemplates his life, and how much crap he goes through and why he is letting it happen to him. and then it leads into "Here's a Letter" which is a letter he wrote to the girl and saying he is still in love. and then with the last song "I'm Lost Without You" which is his final plea to her, and how he needs her in his life to make it complete. That is what I think that cd is about and what each song is about.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Flash Gordon 1930's

So I have been thinking about something. I bought a DVD of Flash Gordon Tv Episodes. I know it is from the 1930's but I was looking at the special effects and I realized that even though they didn't have a big budget for that show, it made me realize that this is what made people get into directing and acting. The acting was great and even with a low budget, it looked like a good saturday night show. Yes there are parts of it, that kind of look nasty and low budget, but it was an excellent show. It is one of the firsts on space travelling heroes. That is what makes it great. Flash Gordon shines light on what is like home videos that teens put together when they want to express their imagination.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


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